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This blog was designed by veterinarians who are hunters and gundog owners, including the only board certified sports medicine specialist in the country who specializes in gun dogs. The blog is for hunters and gundog owners to provide practical resources and answers to your most common gundog questions. The goal of the GunDogDoc blog is to promote overall gundog health. In addition, we provide information and links to resources on health, training, and the various gundog breeds. We also provide you unique opportunities to ask questions and talk with other gundog owners--sharing your photos and stories with others who are passionate about hunting and hunting dogs.

A look back

I’m in the process of changing back to a PC from my years on the Mac. I was going through some old stuff and found this season recap and thought I’d share: Gundogdoc End of Season 08 from on Vimeo.  


For those of you who followed the site during its last rendition, when I was posting regularly, you likely assumed my roots were in the uplands. While that was my focus for the last 8 or so years, for those of you who have followed since the early days you know that I’m a waterfowler  [ more ]

Another hot one on the prairie

The forecast looks to have cooler temperatures on the horizon, but today was another one of those hot days on the prairie.  Here is a piece I did for SportDog a few years back. I can’t stress enough the importance of preventing this condition. These amazing animals will run themselves to death on our behalf,  [ more ]

Avoiding Heat Stroke

Today is opening of prairie grouse season here in South Dakota and one that brings a mix of emotions as a hunting dog veterinarian. As a hunter I live most of the rest of the year for what this day means, as a veterinarian I often dread these early season hunts. Today dawned cool and  [ more ]

A New Adventure Begins

For the fourth time since it’s launch is once again making a major change/facelift. If you look around you will see we kept some of the major features from the old site, and at the same time we have trimmed a lot of things in an effort to streamline the site. We are now  [ more ]