Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr. Spoo is one of only a handful of board-certified Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation specialists in private practice in the world. Sports Medicine veterinarians specialize in the complete health care of canine athletes, including musculoskeletal injuries. A common misconception is injuries to dogs requires surgical treatment. In human medicine it has been shown that 90% of all sports injuries are non-surgical. In the case where surgery is necessary, the Sports Medicine veterinarian can expedite referral to the Orthopedic Surgeon and when surgery is not recommended they can provide care in those other 90% of cases. Sports Medicine veterinarians have additional expertise in non-musculoskeletal aspects of sports health. Common examples include: behavioral training, overtraining and fatigue, return to competition after being injured, nutrition, training and conditioning.

Sports Medicine veterinarians are also ideal doctors for the non-athlete as well – for the couch potato dog, for the “weekend warrior” or dog park hound, for the older geriatric with aches and pains, for any patient who has sustained an injury, experiences musculoskeletal pain, or is looking to improve their pet’s overall health.

Canine Rehabilitation
At Best Care Pet Hospital, we are muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve and bone experts. We believe that physical rehabilitation is the best medicine to restore maximal function and relieve pain. Your canine will benefit from our team of rehabilitation certified professionals and be on their way to health and healing through strength, agility and endurance training.

We can individualize programs for your pet prior to, during and immediately after surgery. We can also provide effective options when surgery is not an option. We strive to stay at the cutting-edge of the latest research and evidence of rehabilitation techniques. We combine rehabilitation with pharmaceutical intervention to provide the best outcomes possible. In addition we work closely with orthotic, prosthetic, cart and assistive device manufacturers to provide your pet with options when before there weren’t any.


  • Therapy Pool
  • High-Speed Canine Treadmill
  • Therapy Laser

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