Preventative Care & Wellness

Best Care Pet Hospital is the only AAHA-accredited hospital in the region. In addition to providing specialty services our AAHA-accredited facility provides a wide-range of preventative medicine services focusing on your pet’s long-term health and well-being. Our goal at Best Care Pet Hospital is to provide high-quality individualized care. You and your pet are individuals with unique needs, concerns, risks, environments and health care needs. We take all of these in to account when developing your preventative and wellness care plans.

Semi-Annual Exams

  • Our pets age at a much faster rate than we do and are unable to convey their issues and concerns to us directly. The doctors at Best Care feel strongly that the greatest diagnostic tool is still the complete physical exam. It is important to exam each individual organ system and the patient as a whole multiple times a year in order to accurately keep track of your pet’s health and to catch potential health concerns before they become major health problems.

Individualized Vaccine Programs

  • None of our patients and owners live in the exact same environments, participate in the same activities or travel to the same parts of the country. Because of this we make sure to tailor our vaccine recommendations to fit your pet’s unique needs, we do not believe in cookbook medicine or a one-size-fits-all approach. Vaccine needs can change from year to year and as such so should the vaccines used. We also are constantly staying current on the latest studies, recommendations and vaccine technologies to minimize the number of vaccines your pet needs, but at the same time ensure they are protected with a safe and effective product.

Individualized Parasite Control

  • Similar to vaccines, our pets’ exposure to parasites is unique based on their environment and activity level. We will evaluate your needs and make our recommendations based on our discussion with you about your pet’s risks. We also choose our products based on safety and efficacy. We do not carry products that we don’t use in our own pets. Just because new and innovated products come on the market doesn’t mean they are the best, or safest, for your pet. Health care is ever changing, and as such our recommendations do as well and are centered around providing the safest and most effective products for your pet’s health.

Nutrition Counseling

  • What you feed your pet affects them today, tomorrow, next week, next year and in the case of a growing puppy or kitten every day for the rest of their life. The doctors and staff of Best Care Pet Hospital are extremely passionate about pet nutrition. In addition to being a practicing veterinarian, Dr. Spoo also has a consulting business and has worked with four major pet food manufacturers and is intimately familiar with the industry. He has also published numerous nutrition related research articles and collaborated with veterinary nutritionists from coast-to-coast. Many times veterinarians are accused of a lack of knowledge on pet nutrition, this is not the case with the staff at Best Care Pet Hospital, as we take nutrition very serious. Dr. Spoo’s specialty and research focus has been strongly tied to nutrition. We do not routinely carry over-the-counter diets and so you can rest assured our recommendations are not profit driven but rather come with your pet’s health as our primary concern. If the need ever arises for your pet to need a prescription diet, we can provide those recommendations as well. We are not tied to one brand and carry the formulas that have been shown to work the best when it comes to the various conditions that can be treated with diet.

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