Specialty and Advanced Care

We are the only specialty hospital in the Dakotas. Our specialists have advanced training, knowledge and certifications to provide your pet with the most advanced veterinary care in the region. The veterinarians of Best Care Pet Hospital made a choice to undergo a long and difficult process of additional studies and examination to become board certified specialists. This process takes a minimum of three years to complete and the motivation behind it is, very simply, excellence. Our Specialists have proven knowledge and expertise above and beyond what is required to practice veterinary medicine. Beyond that, they have earned the privilege to specialize in the treatment of your pets. The expertise of care provided by the specialists at Best Care Pet Hospital covers the gamut of your pets needs and include canine and feline practice, sports medicine, rehabilitation, ophthalmology, surgery and radiology. In addition our specialists have a network of specialists that consult in the categories of oncology, dermatology, neurology, animal behavior and other areas of veterinary medicine to ensure you are receiving the best, and most advanced care possible.

Complex Case Management
Just like humans, sometimes our pets are afflicted with complicated diseases that require long-term management. Whether your pet needs intensive hospitalized care or intensive at-home management, we are equipped and dedicated to help you and your pet during these trying times.

Emergency and Critical Care
After spending nine years in a 20-doctor specialty hospital, Dr. Hardy has extensive experience in emergency and critical care. If your pet has an unforeseen emergency or threatening condition, call us immediately and our staff will be available to serve you and your pet. Although we do not offer 24-hour emergency care, we work very closely with the staff of the Veterinary Emergency Hospital and are always available to their staff should questions arise about your pet’s health after hours.

Diagnostic Challenges
Our doctors enjoy digging deep to find the answer when routine testing doesn’t reveal the source of your pet’s ailment.

Advanced Ultrasound and Radiology
While many practices are able to take radiographs and ultrasound, Dr. Hardy has advanced ultrasound training through courses only available to veterinary specialists. In addition, we are the only practice in the area with the ability to livestream our ultrasounds to a veterinary radiologist for real time interpretation.

Sports Medicine
Dr. Spoo is a recognized leader in the field of sports medicine. For more information about our services click here.

Our staff includes three rehabilitation certified individuals, one of which, Dr. Spoo who is the only board-certified specialist in the region in rehabilitation. Click here for more information about our rehabilitation services.

Cutting-edge Telemedicine Technology
Living in the Dakotas we realize that our specialists cannot be in our facility every day and some of the specialists we utilize never step foot in our facility. As a result we have developed and utilize unique technology solutions to overcome these hurdles and provide specialty care to your pet from some of the best specialists in the country.

Advanced Anesthesia Management
We recognize that putting a pet under anesthesia can be one of the most stressful and worrisome times in pet ownership. We strive to minimize anesthetic complications through advanced monitoring of anesthesia with all patients having pre-anesthetic bloodwork, pulse oximetry, ECG, blood pressure, ETCO2 and a dedicated anesthesia technician monitoring them during the procedure and recovery. We also have the unique ability to place your pet on a ventilator should it be necessary during the procedure. In addition, we ensure pain management before, during and after the procedure.

Pain Management
Our pets can’t always tell us when they are in pain. Our specialty trained doctors and certified staff specialize in identifying and treating pain. Whether it be an acute injury or aging pain our staff is here to build a program to lessen your pet’s pain.

Soft-tissue and Orthopedic Surgeries
Our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Brent Reimer is able to provide the most advanced surgical procedures possible. Click here for more information.

Regenerative Medicine
As the region’s only Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Spoo stays on the cutting edge of the latest technologies. Currently there is a lot of interest in treatments like stem cell therapy, PRP and prolotherapy. Dr. Spoo focuses on providing those therapies that are evidence based and helps to ensure you avoid the snake oil products that are on the market.

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