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Senior Pet Care

As pets age, they may experience the aches and pains of aging, similar to how humans might. As your pet’s veterinarian, it is important to us that we aid in keeping your dog happy, healthy and comfortable into their golden years.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

We recommend that your senior dog come in for routine examinations twice per year. It is important that they do this so we may monitor health trends, while ensuring your dog is comfortable and living a lifestyle that is best for him or her.

For the benefit of senior pets, our trained medical team recommends specific services like blood work, x-rays, urinalysis, and glaucoma screening. These measures will assess that your pet’s organs and bodily systems are in proper working order. 

Signs of age-related conditions can be tough to spot. Fortunately, our team can run some tests below to ensure that your senior pet is in good health:

  • Bloodwork: Reveals age related conditions in senior pets such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, and much more. 
  • Urinalysis: Provides insight into your pet’s overall health status. The results from a urinalysis can also help detect diabetes, urinary tract infections, and liver disease. 
  • X-rays: Provide us with insight that cannot be observed in a physical examination. These can help monitor bone growth and organ size.
  • Glaucoma Screening: Test primarily for senior pets that is quick and easy, designed to detect glaucoma, which can cause blindness.  

You know your pet the best, so if you see any changes in your senior pet’s behavior, please let us know!

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