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Advanced Cases

Just like humans, sometimes our pets are afflicted with complicated diseases that require long-term management. Whether your pet needs intensive hospitalized care or intensive at-home management, we are equipped and dedicated to help you and your pet during these trying times.

Internal Medicine

Whether your pet has a chronic condition or one that has come on suddenly, internal medicine allows us to reach a diagnosis and provide the appropriate treatment options for your pet. Our team at Best Care Veterinary Specialty's advanced tools and highly-trained veterinarians will be with you every step of the way in discussing the common reasons for advanced workups and concerns you may have as a pet parent.


Oncology is managing care for our cancer patients with chemotherapy treatment options. We are here to help with diagnostics in order to evaluate the patient’s staging process, along with consulting on safe treatments recommended by our oncologists.


Echocardiography helps us evaluate heart disease in pets. We use modern diagnostic tools to discover the underlying condition and treat as soon as possible. Our own Dr. Hardy has undergone extensive board-certified training in cardiology and will be happy to help you and your pet with cardiac disease treatment.

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We are located on the east side of Sioux Falls, right off I-229. You'll find us on E 10th St. right across from Nelson Park.

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