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Advanced Imaging

Advanced imaging serves as diagnostic tools which allows our team at Best Care Veterinary Specialty to view high-def images of the internal organs and other systems of the body. Advanced imaging can be vital in identifying health issues and determining which treatment option is most effective for your pet.

Advanced Ultrasound

Ultrasounds in pets allows us to diagnose a range of conditions that may affect the organs, such as arthritis, spinal cord disease, heart disease, liver disease and bladder stones. Our team at Best Care Veterinary Specialty is able to perform comprehensive ultrasound imaging to best understand any underlying issues or abnormalities in your pet.

Advanced Digital Radiology

Digital radiographs (also known as x-rays) are high-quality images that are produced to help us assess the health of the organs in your pet’s body, including lungs, liver, heart, and kidneys. Our staff at Best Care Veterinary Specialty will keep your pet calm while the images are being taken, and will provide recommendations for best treatment options once finished.

CT Scans

A CT scan in pets is one of the best tools for studying the internal organs, soft tissue, bone, and blood vessels, as it shows much more detail than a conventional x-ray. Our veterinarians at Best Care Veterinary Specialty will use CT scans to diagnose cancer, trauma, and more.


Our veterinarians at Best Care Veterinary Specialty may use an echocardiogram for an ultrasound of the heart in order to diagnose heart disease in pets. This non-invasive procedure can also help diagnose a variety of other heart-related conditions in pets including Chronic Valvular Disease, heart tumors, and more.

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