Best Care Pet Hospital

Hospital Policies

Best Care Pet Hospital’s hospital policies are to ensure that clients and patients are met with positive experiences in a stress-free environment and that our medical team can serve our patrons with attention and punctuality. If you have any questions or concerns about our hospital policies please feel free to inquire during your visit or call us at 605-334-2412.


Scheduling an appointment allows the hospital to run smoothly and allows more time for our veterinarians to spend with your pet. For these reasons, we kindly ask that you call during office hours to book your appointment for your pet so that we can make appropriate accommodations, request an appointment online, or through our free PetDesk app.

We know that some cases are urgent and cannot wait. If so, please come anytime during office hours and we will assess the condition and perform any necessary tasks to stabilize the health of your pet. If possible, try and call ahead of time with an emergency so we can prepare for treatment.

For after-hours emergencies, we recommend All City Pet Care Veterinary Emergency Hospital. This facility is open 24 hours and is fully prepared to handle emergencies without an appointment. 


For the safety of all clients, patients, and our staff, we require that all cats and dogs visiting our facility be kept on a leash or in a carrier. 

New Client Information

We are always happy to welcome new clients and patients. If you have questions about our medical facility and the services that we provide, please feel free to give us a call or schedule a visit. 

To make the process of your first visit run more smoothly, we ask that you please complete our new client form ahead of time. If you would prefer to complete this form in-house, please try and arrive a few minutes early to do so. 

We hope to meet you and your pet soon!


Best Care accepts payments in the following forms: 

To keep our facilities running in a timely manner and provide exemplary service, we require payment to be made in full at the time services are rendered, via one of our accepted payment methods. 

At Best Care, we never want our patients to not have the animal care they need for their pets due to financial restrictions. To better assist our clients who may be met with this limitation, we will always be willing to provide estimates for our service. Please keep in mind these estimates may fluctuate.


Our medical team is committed to ensuring that your pet receives the highest level of care. If your pet requires care that we do not offer at our facility, we would be happy to refer you to the very best veterinary specialists in the area whom we trust with our clients. 

If we refer you, your pet will still be a patient of Best Care Pet Hospital. Throughout the treatment process, we will coordinate with the specialist to keep us informed on the progress of your pet and their health status. When the specialist has concluded their work, we will be able to assist with further care that may be needed. 

Prescription Refills

Our medical facility carries an array of pet products, including medications, parasite preventatives, and diet treatments. 

If your pet needs a refill for any product, please call us at 605-334-2412 at least 24 hours prior to the desired pickup time. This will allow us to fill your request, and provide time to order more should we run out. 

Prescription Diets

Prescription diets are recommended to treat a wide range of conditions. We carry many prescription diets in house for your convenience, and your veterinarian will recommend the best diet for your pet’s individual needs.

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